Monday, November 28, 2016


The GLOBE Asia Pacific  Science Fair is organised annually for a worldwide community of students, teachers, scientists and citizens working together to understand, sustain and improve the Earth's Environment at local, regional and international scales.

This year, GLOBE India and The Indian Environment Society collaborated with our school's Vasundhara Club. Vasudha Kalra and Ishita Banati, the office bearers of the  club along with the  Teacher Coordinator, Ms. Madhu Mehta  participated in this mega event held in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. 

This event saw the participation of 15 school's from over 8 countries.

We, The GLOBE Representatives from India had made a detailed analysis of Soil cover in the areas that surrounded our institution. Team India had also showcased a glimpse of Indian folk and classical music through a dance performance.

Our project received a commendable applause. Kulachi, once again shone overseas by winning the Best Poster Award and the Second prize in the Best Project.

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