Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Annual Report of Eco Club Activities-2011-2012

 Environment at KHMS is more than an issue, it is a passion. The school is ISO-EMS 14001:2004 certified. The EMS system is a part of the overall management system that includes KHMS structure, activities, responsibilities, procedure, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving and maintaining the environmental policy.

We train the students to be conscious about the environment for which we have Environment Protection Brigade- the members of Vasundhara- the Eco Club of KHMS.

The motive of this club is to spread awareness about the environment amongst the students so as to create‘clean’ and ‘green’ surroundings for all to live in. Vasundhara ensures active participation of students in environment related issues at all levels.

Some of the Green initiatives taken up by our Eco Club in the year 2011-2021 are listed below.

1. Nature trail for students
2. Paryavaran Chetna
3. Eco Meet - A Training Program
4. Nature trail for teachers
5  .Earth Hour’ campaign
6  Green Gold- An Environment Awareness Programme
7.  Adventure trip for students
8.  Induction Ceremony

9. Participation of Students in various inter school competitions
10. Nature Trail for Students
11 Training Program for Eco Club Teachers of Attached Schools on E-Waste Management

Nature Trail For Students
 In November 2011, students of Eco-Club were taken on a Nature Trail to Asola Wildlife Sanctuary.

The students learned many facts about the varied flora and fauna found there.

Paryavaran Chetna – A Social Project

On 17th January 2011, a program called ‘Paryavaran Chetna’ was organized for 
girls and ladies of the underprivileged areas around our school.. A short play- Kooda 
 waste produced by us, was presented by students of class VII. 
 NAS Foundation, an NGO 
held a talk cum interactive session to create awareness about AIDS.

Eco Meet- A Training Program

Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Ashok Vihar , Delhi is the lead Eco-Club School of North –West zone. “VASUNDHARA” – the Eco Club of the school organizing a Training Programme for Eco Club Teachers of seventeen attached schools on 19th January, 2011. This included a presentation on disaster management during earthquake. The students of class VII gave a demonstration of First Aid measures to be undertaken during an emergency. Members of  Eco Club presented a street play-‘Jal Hai Toh Kal Hai ’ stressing on the need to save water. A fire safety drill was organized in which the invited teachers actively participated. The invited teachers were then taken on a tour of school sites showcasing Eco-Friendly initiatives such as ‘Roli Poli’ to convert plant waste into compost, Rain Water Harvesting Unit, solar water heaters, exhaust fans run by wind energy, micro-analysis kit in Chemistry Labs to reduce use of chemicals, herbal garden and R.O. Water Treatment Plant. The aim of the  programme was to train and encourage the invited teachers
 to undertake similar Eco-Friendly initiatives in their respective  schools.

Nature Trail For Teachers
In  March, 2011, the teachers of KHMS were taken on a Nature  Trail in Yamuna Bio 
Diversity Park.

Earth Hour’ Campaign
A signature campaign was held to observe ‘Earth Hour’ in march, 2011 in which
 students and teaching as well as non-teaching members participated and vowed to 
switch off non-essential lights in their home for one hour on 27th march, 2011.

Green Gold-An Environment Awareness Programme

In order to inculcate love for Mother Earth and to educate students about the ways and 
means of preserving nature, Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Ashok Vihar , Delhi has 
taken up the stupendous task of conserving our environment. To achieve this purpose, 
“VASUNDHRA- the Eco Club” of the school organized an Environment Awareness Programme
 called ‘Green Gold’ on 27th April, 2011 to sensitize the young minds towards 
Environmental problems and involved them in the efforts of  environmental preservation.

In this programme 25 schools participated in various inter school competitions such as Fancy Dress, Rangoli, Poster Making, PowerPoint Presentation, Nukkad Natak and Quiz.
 Dr. Nisha Peshin, Director, Public Schools and Curriculum Development, DAV College Managing Committee was the Chief Guest for the occasion and Dr. Anil Kumar, 
Director, Department of Environment, Government of NCT, Delhi was the Guest of Honour
 Mrs. P. Datta, the Principal of KHMS stressed on eco- friendly ancient Indian practices. 
Dr. Anil Kumar invited everyone to take a pledge for preventing pollution and preserving 
and conserving natural resources. Prizes for interschool competitions were distributed by Mrs. P. Datta, the Principal of the school.
Adventure Trip

In May, 2011, a five day adventure cum camping trip was organized for the students. During this trip, the students not only learned and performed various adventurous activities but also learned to appreciate the beauty of nature and to live in harmony with it.


 Induction ceremony of Vasundhara for the year 2010-2011 was held on 29th August. 
 Dr. B.C.Sabata Sr. Scientific Officer, Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT, Delhi 
 was the chief guest.
 A report of the activities of the club in the year 2010-2011 was presented by Parth
  and Harsh of class X in the form of power point presentation.
 A Nukkad Natak on Mera Shara Saf Ho Usma Mera Bhi Hath Ho was presented by class 
I X students of eco club showcasing the needs of cleanliness, harmful effects and remedial 
 measures to make the clean and Green Delhi.
 Ishaani Mahi elaborated the topic ‘ECO FRIENDLY ANCIENT INDIAN PRACTICES’ through 
 power point presentation.
 One of the R’s recycling plays a very important role in our lives. Sakshi of class X recited a       poem describing different types of R’s.
 Members took the Eco Pledge and were than decorated with the badges by the guests and     the principal of our school, Mrs Datta.  
 Later the chief guest Dr. B.C.Sabata addressed the students in which he guided and     motivated them towards the betterment of environment.
Participation of Students in various interschool competitions 1. 1.An Interschool competition conducted by Queen Mary’ School 0n 12.8.11
1.   A hand made paper products or paper mache products. Prachi Bhatia and Ayushi Goyal participated and won First Prize
2.   A product made of waste materials- Naman, Suroya and Divyansh Agarwal got Second Prize.
2.Green Olympiad Conducted by TERI on 27.8.11. 127 students participated in the Quiz related to various Environmental issues; result is yet to be declared.
3.9th Vacation Program on Environmental Resources was conducted by The Department of Environment Govt. of NCT Delhi in association with Aravali Foundation for Education.10 students of class IX competed for vacation Program.4 Students selected to undertake the program.


1. Students went for nature trail to C.M.’s house on 22.7.11. Students enjoyed the scenic beauty of the both of the lush green spaces of the Chief Minister’s residence. The house is surrounded by vast green spaces consisting of both exotic and indigenous trees Imli, Neem, Babul, etc. These trees provide habitats to bats, birds, reptiles and small mammals.
2. Visit to Yamuna Biodiversity Park on 17.1.12. Nature trail provides the outdoor class room which is exciting, variable available, real necessary and a great teacher. It is a space for interaction and contact with the environment. They learnt about different plant species, local and migratory birds, insects, mammals and their relationship with each other. A beautiful video on conserving the environment also were enjoyed by the students.

Monday, February 27, 2012

E-Waste Awareness Workshop ‘Responsibility of Bulk Consumers’ A Report

E- Waste is recognized as a major challenge in the waste management policy of the Govt. of India. The electronic waste poses threat to environment and health of the workers as e- waste is dismantled in a rudimentary manner in developing countries like India.
Vasundhara- the Eco club of K.H.M.S. organized an e-waste awareness programme for Eco club teachers of its attached schools on 27th Jan., 2011. The objective of this programme was to enhance the awareness amongst eco club teachers on issues related to improper disposal of e-waste and the measures that can be adopted for collection and proper of disposal of such waste, keeping in mind that this awareness will further be passed on to the students and their parents.
Highlights of the programme are as follows:
1.  1. Lighting of Lamp: The programme began by lighting the lamp of knowledge by the esteemed Principal of our school Mrs. P. Datta, Headmistresses and the invited teachers.

Invocation of God
2. Invocation of God: Lighting of lamp was followed
 by ‘Prakriti Vandana’ inspiring people to respect
the nature and make efforts to conserve the environment.

Headmistress Mrs.Kaul
3.  EMR’S Address: The EMR Mrs. K.Kaul addressed the gathering stressing upon the urgent need to dispose of e-waste in a safe manner so as to reduce the hazardous effect of toxins released by it.

4.Presentation on EMS: Our  school is EMS 14000-2004 certified. A presentation on Environmental Management System was shown by Simran and Shravya of class X. They discussed the part of overall management system that include KHMS structure, planning, activities, responsibilities, practices, procedure, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving, reviewing and maintaining the environmental policy.

5.A Skit: A skit on Ozone depletion was presented by students of Eco club depicting the causes, harmful effects and remedial measures to prevent ozone depletion.


 6. Harsh, Akshit and Namanpreet of class X
 gave a presentation on e-waste management in which
 they discussed the nature of e-waste and methods 
used for its safe disposal.
7.A report on e-wast campaign conducted in our school in 
collaboration with Toxics Link and Nokia (India) 
was presented by Sakshi and Akshita of class X.

8.This was followed by an open discussion between the invited teachers, EMR Mrs. K.Kaul and the Eco club members on e-waste management. Contact numbers of concerned agencies which collect e-waste for its safe disposal were shared with teachers of attached schools. They were also invited to showcase the activities undertaken by Eco club of their respective schools during the next annual Green Gold programme.