Monday, February 27, 2012

E-Waste Awareness Workshop ‘Responsibility of Bulk Consumers’ A Report

E- Waste is recognized as a major challenge in the waste management policy of the Govt. of India. The electronic waste poses threat to environment and health of the workers as e- waste is dismantled in a rudimentary manner in developing countries like India.
Vasundhara- the Eco club of K.H.M.S. organized an e-waste awareness programme for Eco club teachers of its attached schools on 27th Jan., 2011. The objective of this programme was to enhance the awareness amongst eco club teachers on issues related to improper disposal of e-waste and the measures that can be adopted for collection and proper of disposal of such waste, keeping in mind that this awareness will further be passed on to the students and their parents.
Highlights of the programme are as follows:
1.  1. Lighting of Lamp: The programme began by lighting the lamp of knowledge by the esteemed Principal of our school Mrs. P. Datta, Headmistresses and the invited teachers.

Invocation of God
2. Invocation of God: Lighting of lamp was followed
 by ‘Prakriti Vandana’ inspiring people to respect
the nature and make efforts to conserve the environment.

Headmistress Mrs.Kaul
3.  EMR’S Address: The EMR Mrs. K.Kaul addressed the gathering stressing upon the urgent need to dispose of e-waste in a safe manner so as to reduce the hazardous effect of toxins released by it.

4.Presentation on EMS: Our  school is EMS 14000-2004 certified. A presentation on Environmental Management System was shown by Simran and Shravya of class X. They discussed the part of overall management system that include KHMS structure, planning, activities, responsibilities, practices, procedure, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving, reviewing and maintaining the environmental policy.

5.A Skit: A skit on Ozone depletion was presented by students of Eco club depicting the causes, harmful effects and remedial measures to prevent ozone depletion.


 6. Harsh, Akshit and Namanpreet of class X
 gave a presentation on e-waste management in which
 they discussed the nature of e-waste and methods 
used for its safe disposal.
7.A report on e-wast campaign conducted in our school in 
collaboration with Toxics Link and Nokia (India) 
was presented by Sakshi and Akshita of class X.

8.This was followed by an open discussion between the invited teachers, EMR Mrs. K.Kaul and the Eco club members on e-waste management. Contact numbers of concerned agencies which collect e-waste for its safe disposal were shared with teachers of attached schools. They were also invited to showcase the activities undertaken by Eco club of their respective schools during the next annual Green Gold programme.

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