Sunday, November 13, 2011

Project-Paryavaran Chetna

On the seventeenth of January 2011, the eco club of our school, Vasundhra organized a programme for the underprivileged girls and ladies of  the nearby colony.

tThis event organized by Vasundhara Club of our School, marked its beginning by a beautiful song-Prakriti Vandana-inspiring the students to protect the environment from the world of pollution. It was really a melodious performance by our school’s music group. This inspiring song provoking responsibility amongst us towards environment was accompanied by a mesmerizing dance by our school mate on a very beautiful song-satyam shivam sundaram by Poorva of class VIII.
Our club has always given its full-fledged support towards all the activities serving our mother nature. A brief view of such activities was presented to the students which includes rally, competitions, and banners taken up by our club in Nav Chetna School throughout the year in which Nav Chetna students had participated.

a) Then a short play “कूड़ा आये कहा से ... कूड़ा जाये कहा रे

It was enacted by the students of class 7. ".The students were successful in showing all the major carelessness of us resulting in huge tons of wastes being dumped every single day! It was very interesting to know that the main theme of bringing about a change around you is to be the change. Do you know that Delhi produces 7,000 tons of waste every day? Well I didn’t know that and now by knowing this, I can feel the need of working hard towards the issue sincerely by not preserving the articles and disposing it but by using it judiciously and disposing them carefully. Various measures that can be taken are using recycled materials, using bio-degradable wastes as manure etc which can in-turn help us preventing many diseases such as asthama, skin allergies etc. caused due to such carelessness. It was very informative and it made us aware about waste segregation and disposal. It gave information on plastics, wastes, their effects etc. along with slogans like ‘Use jute bags’ ‘reuse, reduce, recycle’ etc.

A short seminar over the hot topic today nothing other than AIDS.Health is important. Yes, it is. The program included various headings, we have already heard of, but do not understand the significance which is immense. Do you know how is it spread..?? Through common practices such as through blood transfer as in case of blood donation and using same syringes. Chances of spreading are you know how long this virus called HIV virus can sustain outside the human body? Not more than 20 seconds. Do you know how many people are suffering this disease in our country? Well! These questions were successfully answered by the people who presented this seminar.

NAS Foundation, an organization, had come to our school to spread awareness about AIDS to the Nav Chetna students and the illiterate ladies. They explained the various methods by which it can spread in simple Hindi but the explanation was lucid, easily understandable and filled with many real life examples. Ms. Manjri, one of the two who were explaining clearly explained the various stages of the disease from the window period all the way to AIDS. The 4 ways she explained, in which the HIV virus can spread were blood transfusion, through syringes, parent to child esp. during pregnancy and unprotected sex. The various methods of prevention were also told.

Mrs. Dutta Principal of the school appealed to the people of living in to make the city green and clean. She also stressed Say ‘No’ to Plastic Bags – adopt alternatives like Jute, Cloth & Recycled paper bags.

Then to end the function, our headmistress, Mrs. Kaul interacted with the students, blessed them, and finally culminated the event.

It was really an informative one and we came to know about various things related to water pollution, waste disposal, AIDS etc. We hope more programs like this are conducted in the future.

GO GREEN!!!!!!