Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tree Plantation Report by B. Rama Subramanian

On 5/8/10(Thursday) i.e. on the day of van mahotsava, I along with some of my friends, teachers and headmistresses went to plant saplings in our school’s nursery. We planted many types of saplings, some of them being guava, chickoo, amaltas etc. The gardeners taught us how to plant them and then they watered the plants. One of the teachers commented that when we would be the members of KOSA, we would get to see these as trees. The gardeners told us different things about the plants, their uses etc. Some of the teachers also shared their wealth of knowledge about these plants with us. This activity was a part of the many activities undertaken by the Eco club of our school every year. At the end there was a photo session as usual (though photos were being clicked during the planting also).

We all are grateful to the gardeners who helped us throughout the planting of the sapling. Their work was acknowledged the next day, when our school celebrated “Van mahotsav”. They received gifts in lieu of their excellent contribution in making the school green. Then, Indira house students took over the function and spread awareness about saving trees through plays, poems etc. The function ended with the principal’s address.
Global Warming

Global warming isn’t hard to explain.
It leaved Mother Earth crying with
tremendous pain.

This hurts our planet in every possible way.
The changes could leaves us all in

We need to stop it now so the Temperature
doesn’t rise.
Otherwise people, plants and animals
Would all DEMISE

Change in temperature due to the
Depleting OZONE LAYER,
Will leave people in PAIN and DESPAIR

Green plants would lose their FLAME,
Our Goernement is trying to HELP and REACT,

But you and I need to Think, Plan and Act.
So start playing it SMART,
And do your Part.

LIFE might not come to an END,
If U, Me and us are EARTH’S