Wednesday, October 17, 2012

E – Waste Campaign

With rapid technological advancement and growing obsolescence rate, our country is being saddled with piles of Electronic Waste. This issue is not just of massive quantity but also of toxic nature of waste; therefore, ‘Vasundhra’ the Eco- club of our school organizes an ‘E-Waste Campaign’ every year to create awareness and take necessary measures in this regard. 
Thus, this year also an e-waste workshop cum campaign was organized from 9th October to 17th October 2012.

We believe that E-waste, if discarded properly can become an above-ground-mine. To elaborate more on this aspect, an awareness workshop by representative of Nokia for classes VII to XII and the school staff members, took place.

Special e-waste bins were also placed so as to achieve a greater level of participation from students. As a result, nonfunctional mobile phones, broken earphones, worthless adapters and other discarded gadgets were collected by students from 15th to 17th October.

 Moreover, students participated in various environment related contests and competitions during this campaign. 
    On 15th October class VII and VIII students took part in Best out of e-waste competition. Decorative material such as photo frames, lamp etc, creative models of car mechanics, fish aquarium and other useful things were built out from e-waste in this exciting contest. 

Then, on 16th October Poster making competition was organized for students of classes IX and X so as to let them put their imaginations on paper. 

Afterwards, on 17th October Debate Competition on the topic “End of life - Electronics” for students of classes XI and XII was organized where class XII argued in favor of recycling process and class XI pointed its limitations.

All the students enthusiastically participated in the competitions and teachers really also enjoyed their performances and actively promoted the proper disposal of e-waste.

But collection e-waste once a year isn't enough to save earth from pollution therefore Vasundhra club school pledged to make e-waste management a regular habit in school. This plan is to be accomplished by opening collection bins once a month.  The students can donate their e-waste in basement every month on first Monday.

Our Vasundhra club always agrees with John Sawhill's saying " A society is not just defined by what it creates but by what it refuses to destroy . '