Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Earth Day Carnival @ CM's House

NEW DELHI: A grand carnival organized at chief minister Sheila Dikshit's residence marked the culmination of the Earth Week 2013. The event saw 5,000 children from 400 schools come together to celebrate the theme of re-use, recycle and reduce.

The programme, organized by Delhi's environment department. also saw the release of a poster on 'The common butterflies of Delhi' by WWF, a book on the 'Asola Wildlife Sanctuary' by the 
Bombay Natural History Society and a book on 'Flora & Fauna at 3, Motilal Nehru Place' prepared by the environment department.

A nature trail, first made functional in 2006, was also upgraded and re-launched. The trail now boasts of a watch tower, tree and shrub signages, badges and a new illustrated booklet.

Each student calculated their own 'Earthy Day Quotient' and signed a pledge to do their bit for Mother Earth.

Speaking on the occasion, Delhi chief minister 
Sheila Dikshit said that the nature trail has been instilling a spirit of scientific enquiry in the several visitors, enhancing their skill of observation and most importantly it is making them understand matters related to a green environment.

"The trail enables them to learn about different trees, birds, insects, mammals and their relationships with each other in nature. The carnival was an effort to bring awareness on conservation of the nature amongst children," she said.

She also  asked children to care more for nature and work towards a better future.  

It was a colourful event  and amid a picnic-like atmosphere. Studens explore  the green trail at the chief minister's residence had a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna and a host of trees like those of 'imli', 'neem' and 'babul'.
The green park is also the home to a large number of bats besides various species of birds.The natural trail was decorated with eco-friendly material and was divided into various parts for activities like story-telling session, making of animal masks and film screening, poster making, animal bingo and fun games
The venue had art installations made of recycled materials such as colour fully painted discarded bottles, wood waste and tubes. The CM also released a poster on the common butterflies of Delhi.
The trail for long has been serving as an effective mode of outdoor education where canopy green, interpretation program are in place to explain about the green environments s of Delhi in general and about the environs of the premises in particular. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day Celebrations : A Report

We at Kulachi try to use innovative activities to build up a concrete foundation for
our students so that they grow up to become responsible citizens. To achieve this
purpose Earth Day was organized by Vasundhara-the eco club our school during
morning assembly.
School Principal Mrs P.Datta

Mrs.P.Datta Principal of the school delivered introductory address in which she
apprised the gathering about the various green initiatives under taken by the
club. She also pointed that it is the children who are the true builders of a better
tomorrow and by making a conscious efforts to train them and inculcate in them
the correct values, we can ensure that our future is in right hands.

Akul Bansal

Akul Bansal of Class XII , Technical Advisor of eco club spoke about the importance
of earth day, school’s efforts to save the environment and constructive steps to
be taken make our Mother earth a sacred place to live.
Pragya Virmani

Pragya Virmani of Class X recited a self composed poem ’Dharti Ro rahi hai’ to
convey the plight of mother Earth and our role in conserving it. A street play
about waste management and the role we can play to keep our cities clean and
pollution free was enacted. A group song was presented stressing on the need
to take a pledge to save our environment. In the end balloons were released
carrying the message ‘Go Green before Green Goes’.