Thursday, November 12, 2015


 The earth has music for those who listen. To nurture our nature we formed ‘Vasundhara’- the eco club of our school It’s 10th induction ceremony took place on 30th August,2015. Dr. B.C.Sabata, senior scientific officer from Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT Delhi was the chief guest of the occasion.

He, along with the principal of the school, Mrs. SnehVerma lighted the lamp of knowledge and was greeted with a sapling with a hope for a better tomorrow.
 The ceremony began with annual report presented by outgoing president, Ojaswai Jain and Priyank. The programme was carried forward by marvellous classical dance performance, a sweet song with glints of hope for future, ‘ paryavaran- pradushan se jug ko bachaye hum’ and a power point presentation on Let Delhi Breathe presented by Vishrut Mahi of class IX.

  Our respected principal Mrs. SnehVerma and chief guest Dr. B.C.Sabata addressed the gathering with their inspiring and motivational words that kindled a ray of determination in all of us. It was decided that the agenda for the following year would be keep our surroundings neat and clean.

Later names of office bearers were announced and all the members were decorated with badges and eco-pledge was administrated by DR. B.C.Sabata . Farewell to outgoing office bearers took place with awarding the certificates of appreciation for their work and they were given a sweet memorable gift. The ceremony ended with a hope for a better tomorrow.
“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”
_ William Shakespere

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