Thursday, November 20, 2014


  • Our school has received Certificate of Environment Excellence, Platinum Status for their significant to create to inspire school programme.
  • The school is also awarded a certificate for demonstrating the best use of Creating expressions for community outreach on 23rd  April,2014. The awards are conferred by Deptt. Of Environment Govt. of NCT Delhi, NOKIA, GIZ and  Idrams.

Ms Manjula Agarwal and Ms Madhu Mehta are also awarded with certificates for successfully completing the tool kit provided by them.
150 schools of Delhi participated in Create to Inspire Programme for duration of 6 months. All teachers were trained and provided with a tool kit to guide their children to lead a sustainable living. The tool kit comprised a set of 10 lesson plans on topics related to environment. The tool kit had been designs in manner which was fun, interactive and very engaging. The programme was environment campaigns/programs on the themes of Energy,e-waste, transportation, water and bio-diversity.via campaigns, students enrolled and inspired their peers, parents, relatives and people in their colonies, communities and markets to question existed consumption patterns and took step toward practicing sustainable living.

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